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Choosing an estate agent is a little like choosing a mattress… pick the wrong one and you will end up spending sleepless nights stressing about your poor investment. Selecting an estate agent is all about finding someone you are comfortable with and who you feel like you can trust. 

Our advice to those on the hunt for an estate agent is to do your research. If you think you have doubts, try and find out whether there is a real reason for these, or if it is just personal dislike. The internet has made this research easier than ever, all you need to do is a quick search for the estate agent’s name and ‘complaints’, and within seconds you’ll find out all there is to know about your potential estate agent. 

We believe that the types of estate agents you should avoid fall into 3 main categories:

  • The exaggerator

This sort of estate agent is a born salesperson, who will make all kinds of promises to get you to sign a contract. After he or she has finished their sales pitch, you’ll be adamant that your house will sell in no time. But often this isn’t the case. Listen out for common phrases such as ‘instant sale’ ‘double your asking price’ or ‘you can call me 24/7’ as these could be a sign you’ve got an exaggerator on your hands.

  • The ghost

The process of buying or selling a home is one of the most stressful life events we go through. The last thing you need is to be worrying about contacting an elusive estate agent. It’s not reasonable to expect them to be reachable 24/7, but it is fair to expect a reply within 24 hours. The early stages of the buying or selling process are often a good indicator about how responsive your estate agent is going to be. If they are not easy to reach from the start, then you shouldn’t waste your time on them.

  • The ‘I know best’ agent

Arrogant and up themselves, these estate agents are the easiest to spot. They claim to be the best in their business, which makes them think it is ok to ignore their clients’ wants and wishes. Be extra wary of these estate agents as they will waste much of your time and money. They’ll claim to know what’s best for you, even though they’ve not spent 2 minutes finding out what you are looking for, and they’ll waste your time making you look at properties you have no interest in. The best estate agents spend more time asking questions than they do making statements. 

Don’t forget

You might find estate agents who are a combination of all three, or those who may not fit in one of these boxes, but who you still get a bad vibe off. No matter how pushy they may seem, you are in charge of the deal. If you feel like the estate agent isn’t doing a good job, waste no time in getting rid of them.

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