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A letting agent is a professional that can help you make the most of your property. They can help you find suitable tenants, gain consistent income and ensure that your home is in perfect condition before advertising it to potential residents.

Why Hire A Letting Agent?

Higher Rental Income

Letting agents are expert negotiators and will help you let your property for a higher price. A range of relocation agents and companies use a letting agent to find the ideal place and they are often willing to pay extra. To save time some of them will solely use estate agents which increases your earnings.

Analyse Potential Tenants

A letting agent professional can meet prospective tenants and conduct the checks needed to detect whether they are suitable to live at your property. This also includes collecting references from previous homes they have lived at.

Letting agents are vastly experienced and will also be able to identify tenants who could end up damaging your property or possess criminal intent.

Therefore, hiring the right agent will drastically reduce the chances of you letting your property to bad tenants. Hence, you can receive your monthly income with little to no stress.

Let Your Property At A Faster Rate

Specialist letting agents usually have their own website or are affiliated with a well-known advertising site like Rightmove. Not to mention using social media like Twitter and Facebook to advertise properties to a wider audience. 

Furthermore, many have shops on the high street with pictures of all the properties they have are connected with. People who are looking for a new home to rent can get in touch with an agent and set up a home tour or a meeting.

In a nutshell, by hiring a letting agent you are much more likely to get tenants faster than if you were to prospect for occupants all by yourself.

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