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A letting agent’s main responsibility is to look after properties for private landlords. This includes maintaining the property, collecting rent and sourcing tenants. Some tenants will never meet their landlord as a letting agent is a middle person who deals with all enquiries and issues.

The Role Of Letting Agents

What Does A Letting Agent Do?

To earn a living, a letting agent charges a landlord for the services they provide. The landlord is their client and they must take into account the individual’s best interest with every decision they make. 

Tenants are also charged for the letting agents services in return for the care provided, however, this must never compromise the landlord’s position. For example, recommending an alternative property for tenants to rent would be a breach of the agreement between the landlord and letting agent.

Due to their extensive knowledge of the areas they serve, letting property agents can be very helpful when it comes to looking for suitable properties. If you’re not familiar with a location it can be challenging to find a property you like.

If you’re looking for a new home to purchase or rent, a letting agent will save you lots of time with their endowed recommendations. This is especially important if you need a place within a specific time frame.

When you have found somewhere to rent, a letting agent becomes a communication buffer between you and the landlord. If a tenant is not happy about something in the property, they can tell the letting agent who will relay the information to the landlord and vice versa.

Nevertheless, before you even move into a property an agent will show you all aspects of key operating appliances such as heating and the boiler. Therefore, they will prevent you from experiencing any negative revelations.

Furthermore, they provide you with certificates for gas and electrical safety to ensure that tenants are moving into a safe home with no harmful hazards.

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