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Selling your property in a timeline that suits you really is every homeowner’s dream. A great agent will correctly price your property, skillfully market it and guide you through a stress free and seamless sale process. 

However, if your property has been on the market for longer than expected, you might be contemplating a well needed change of estate agents. If things are not going as planned, it is important to address the situation carefully, before jumping the gun and hiring a new estate agent right away!

We have put together a helpful guide to navigate the transition from your current estate agent to a new one. 

I.dentifying your concerns: 

Create a list of aspects that are falling short of your expectations. This will help you have an open and constructive conversation with your current estate agent, but it will also help you articulate your requirements to a prospect estate agent too. 

2.Reviewing your contract: 

Make sure you understand the terms of your current agreement. Check to see if you are tied in for any period, and also check the notice requirement. 

3.Initiate talks with your current estate agent:

Before you decide to switch, make sure you have honest and open discussions with your current estate agent. They may not yet be aware that you are unhappy, and a simple conversation could help the relationship hugely.

4.Do your research:

It is important to do your research before signing a contract with a new estate agent. Speak to friends or family regarding local agents, read reviews, check websites and current listings and take a look at marketing strategies, these can all help you make an informed decision. 

5.Ask questions:

It is important to ask crucial questions when meeting with prospective estate agents. For example; 

Why do you think our home has not sold? 

What changes can you offer to improve pricing and presentation?

Why is your approach different to other estate agents?

What marketing strategies will you use?

6.Build an honest and trusting partnership:

Teaming up with a new estate agent is equivalent to entering a partnership. It is crucial that you feel confident in their abilities to support you and effectively carry out the sales process. 

Ready to Switch Estate Agents?

Think it’s time to switch estate agents, but worried about lowering your asking price? That doesn’t have to be the case. We pride ourselves on fine-tuning marketing techniques before adjusting prices. We can also utilise our network of buyers to help speed up your property sale, at a price that suits you.

Whether you resolve current issues with your existing estate agent or decide to explore new options, it is crucial to take action if you want to achieve your selling goals. Get in touch with the team at Elliot Leigh if you are ready to make the switch.


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