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Not sure where to start?

This isn’t the worst place. Below is a handy guide on what you should be looking to do and also looking out for when selling your property.

Prepare your property for marketing

A common question is “should I do work on my property before selling?”

On the whole it is not usually worth spending a great deal of money changing things like a kitchen or bathroom if you are not going to enjoy them yourself. Focusing on first impressions is the keys. A lick of paint is usually a cost-effective way of brightening up a property. Kerb appeal is also very important. Is the front garden in good shape?

Are the windows clean?

Internally it is always prudent to keep the property as clutter-free as possible. That doesn’t involve clearing out all of your furniture but tidying up and possibly hiding clutter to make sure the space is as presentable as possible…just don’t open that storage cupboard!!

When our valuer visits they will be more than happy to advise you further. Click here to book a valuation.


On the valuation we will run through all the comparable evidence of similar local property either listed or sold to determine the best possible. Our valuer will give you an overview of market conditions and how it will affect your sale. It is always advisable to get at least two or three valuations but remember, a good valuation is not always the highest price. We will advise you on the optimal price to help you achieve the best possible return. Ultimately how you market will be your decision and will be based on your time-scales but we are there to guide you.

Agree on an agent

This one is easy. Just choose us….next!

Seriously though, just because one agent is cheaper than the other doesn’t mean you will get the same service. Equally the most expensive may also not be the best. Choosing an agent can depend on a number of factors. All things being equal in the way they market your property; it comes down to who you think will work best for you. Ultimately you are going to be working with this agency or person for what could be a quarter of a year or more from start to finish. Therefore, you need someone knowledgeable, approachable, and trustworthy. Make sure the person you like and meet on the valuation is still accessible after you instruct them. Quite often the bigger agencies will pass you on to another member of their team that you haven’t met or built a rapport with.

At Elliot Leigh Residential we like to put our money where our mouth is, offering a performance-based sliding fee as an option. This has been well received. Contact us for more information.

Selling Process

Often people think an agent is there just to advertise your property on the portals and deal with the enquiries. This is just the tip of the iceberg. A good agent is there to advise you, keep you informed throughout and showcase your property in the best possible light. We accompany all viewings and give you feedback without fail. We then negotiate the best price for you. Once a sale is agreed we don’t stop there, this is where the hard work starts and where many agents fall. Our dedicated team will help progress the sale from start to finish. Quite often a sale left to progress through the solicitors can drag and fall through if not managed property. We will liaise with everyone involved to give you the best possible chance of reaching that completion as swiftly as possible.

What do we offer?

We could shout about our professional photographers, floor plans and how we advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla but quite honestly all agents should do that as a minimum. Any agent taking photos on their phones or not listed on the major portals should be avoided at all costs. Fundamentally we are marketers so why settle for less?

We utilise social media and are not afraid to spend on attracting a targeted audience for your property. Most importantly though, one thing that has been lost since the proliferation and greater reliance on the internet and property portals is good old-fashioned proactivity from the agent. We won’t just wait for the buyers to come to us, we try to make things happen. A large proportion of buyers don’t end up buying in the area they first searched in or even for the budget they first thought. Recognising that means we can use our database to help open up a buyer’s eyes to a different area. Having a number of bases and experts from the City Fringes to West Essex means we can do that. Staying in touch with buyers is also key. Many change their search and budgets but won’t call all the agents they have dealt with to let them know. Keeping abreast of their developments can be essential in offering your property to a buyer that may have not been previously suitable.

The most important thing of all is trust and honest straight-talking advice. Check out our Instagram page here where it shows we are not afraid of being transparent with our clients.

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