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Estate agents have long known that solar panels and Energy Star appliances can add value to your home, but not all of us can afford these investments. If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint there are some smaller, more manageable tasks you can complete around the home. 

How to Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

1. Wash your clothes in cold water

According to Energy Star, up to 90% of the energy used by a washing machine goes toward heating the water. So, skipping the heating and using the washing machine on the cold setting can help reduce your carbon emissions whilst also keeping your clothes in better condition for longer. 

2. Skip the tumble drier

During sunny and hot months there is no need to tumble dry your clothing when they could hang on the line outside and dry in the same amount of time. If the weather isn’t so warm you can still dry them on an airer inside, but we recommend leaving a nearby window open to let the condensation escape, otherwise you could get damp which is any homeowner, or estate agent’s, worst nightmare.

3. Use your recycling and compost bin

Having a recycling bin means all your waste paper, cardboard, glass and plastic will be put to good use. A compost bin also means you can put your leftover food and vegetable peelings to good use, converting them into fertiliser to use in your garden.

4. Give your windows some TLC

Curtains and blinds are not only for keeping nosy neighbours away, they can also keep hot air in and cold air out. If you want to go a bit further, you can upgrade your windows to a more energy efficient glass. Old, single glazed windows let out a huge amount of heat. Upgrading to double glazing can save you money on heating bills and it can also increase the worth of your home when it comes to estate agents property valuations

Your Home More Eco Friendly

5. Think about solar panels

Ok, now that we have got through the cheaper options, we have to admit that solar panels are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Some people worry that ‘ugly’ panels can lower the value of your home, however, the opposite is often true. A more efficient home can often be more attractive to buyers. NAEA Property Mark (the National Association of Estate Agents) believe that panels which are new, and aesthetically appealing, can boost the value of the home.

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