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Choosing the right letting agent shouldn’t feel difficult and finding one who will give you the best value can be achievable.

Strategies To Find Reliable Letting Agents.

  • Identifying relevant systems can inspire your search for a competent letting agent who will find the tenants that desire a new place to stay. Take those steps and decide what sort of service you require.
  • Understanding the marketing strategy of letting agents will be of massive benefit as you can determine the traits and experience they have in providing new homes consistently.
  • With real estate marketing, it’s necessary to choose the letting agency that dominates the online space against its competitors. Ask yourself who is the most visible on the internet?
  • Analyse their customer service by going on viewings yourself and monitor their sales techniques and whether it’s of a high standard that promotes the home effectively.
  • How do they describe the features of the home? And do they tailor the building to your needs? It’s important to be aware of what skills letting agents display to base your judgement.
  • Ask friends or family for advice and any experiences they have had with letting agents. They can even refer you to a reputable agent who can find trustworthy tenants in an effective and efficient manner.

Property schemes

  • Check if the letting agents are associated with ARLA (Association of residential letting agents) and NALS (National approved lettings scheme) as these will indicate whether they are competent to manage your properties and create great results for your property investments.
  • Top-performing letting agents will receive regular training and always stay ahead with legal practices and find ways to grow their business.

Key questions before hiring any letting agent

  • Is the agent a member of tenancy deposit schemes?
  • Are staff trained to improve their legal knowledge as well as marketing?
  • Do they have a strong online presence?
  • Which letting agent has the most ad boards in the area?
  • Are they associated with British property memberships?
  • Does the agent ask for suitable references?
  • Are their contracts clear and accurate?

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