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Selling your home can be a challenging endeavour, especially in today’s competitive market. To maximise your chances of a quick and successful sale, it’s essential to prepare your house for viewings properly. Your estate agent can be a valuable resource during this process, offering guidance and expertise to help you showcase your property in the best possible light.

Here are a few tips from our expert team of estate agents…

Tip 1: Thorough Cleaning

One of the most fundamental aspects of preparing your home for viewings is ensuring it is impeccably cleaned. Potential buyers are more likely to be drawn to a spotless, well-maintained property. Pay attention to every detail, from replacing old shower curtains to cleaning the grouting between tiles. Windows and frames should be spotless, carpets Vaxxed and skirting boards dusted.

Tip 2: Declutter

Decluttering is crucial. Clear away clutter to make rooms look larger and more inviting. Your estate agent may suggest boxing up non-essential items and asking a friend to store them during viewings.

Tip 3: Neutralise

Our estate agents will suggest removing anything that’s overly personalised, such as family photos or unique artwork. Strive for a neutral environment that appeals to a broader range of potential buyers. This also makes it easier for potential buyers to visualise living in your home, which can help increase the chances of a sale.

Tip 4: Optimise Lighting

Well-lit spaces are more appealing. Ensure there are multiple light sources, and check that all bulbs are working correctly. Placing a large mirror on one wall can make the space appear brighter and more spacious.

Tip 5: Enhance Scent

Create a welcoming atmosphere with pleasant scents. Avoid artificial air fresheners and opt for natural scents like freshly cut flowers or baking bread. Our estate agents also suggest airing your home in advance of viewings by opening windows can also make a significant difference!

Tip 6: Remove Evidence of Pets

Potential buyers may be put off by pet-related odours and items. Entrust a friend or family member to look after your pets during viewings and ensure that pet-related items are out of sight.

Tip 7: Boost Curb Appeal

Maximise your home’s curb appeal by maintaining the front garden, painting the front door, and ensuring that windows are clean. Even small touches like adding a doormat can enhance the overall appeal.

Tip 8: Re-Arrange Furniture

Position your furniture to highlight your home’s best features. Moving furniture away from the walls and ensuring main walkways in the rooms are clear can make your space appear more spacious and functional.

Tip 9: Tidy Wardrobes

Closet space is a significant selling point in today’s world! Make sure your wardrobe looks tidy and spacious, as this can make your home more attractive to buyers.

Tip 10: Remove Signs of Family Life

Eliminate signs of daily family life during viewings. Storing personal items like bottles and toothbrushes out of sight can create a cleaner and more appealing look and feel in your home.

By following these tips recommended by our estate agents, and staging your home to maximise its assets while minimising its flaws, you can hopefully make the most of a quicker sale and a better price. If you’re ready to sell your home, and you are looking for an estate agent to help, just get in touch with our team.

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